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Setting up your Smart Homes/Buildings and sourcing the best Smart devices, equipment, and technologies to work in harmony can be quite a daunting task.  From Energy Assessments and Site Planning to Installations, Training, and optimizations, we are here to help you through the process. We look forward to helping you save time, headaches, and money, and together we can do our part to try and help save the planet.

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When it comes to Smart IoT Technology there are no dumb questions. Here are some of the frequent ones.

How Much can I save on my electric bill?

Smart homes can save up to 30-40 % of energy. Smart homes save energy by eliminating waste and increasing efficiencies. The proper mix of Smart IoT devices can reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill. To determine the perfect solution for your home, contact Energyintel selecting the "Smart Home Inquiries" in the "Subject" text field on the form to get a free energy assessment.

How do the air purifiers work?

A plasma purifier forms ions (negatively or positively charged particles) as air circulates over the ionization tubes. ... The ions act in three primary ways to purify the air: Reduce particles in the air. The ions produced by the system bond with toxins in the air, causing those particles to become larger.

Is Energyintel's management IoT software secure?

Energyintel military-grade IoT firmware and software security vetting technology discovers code vulnerabilities, data exfiltration, broken cryptography, privilege escalation, back doors, and prepositioned threats. The technology automatically detects any asset in the network, even if dormant, continuously monitoring risks as devices are added and removed and as software changes are made.

Does Energyintel offer a free assessment?

YES. Finding the perfect home or commercial IoT Energy Management solution can be a very daunting task. Gathering some basic information about your home or property can help us determine the ideal solution to fit your needs or budget best. Contact us to get a free quote or energy assessment today by submitting the form above. Saving you time, effort, energy, and money are what we exist to do.

How many devices can I have in my Smart Home?

A Wi-Fi router can theoretically support up to 255 connected client devices. Even though it's possible to connect 255 devices to your router, it's not even close to practical. Configuring the most efficient mix of smart devices can be a tricky task. Let Energyintel help you develop the perfect Smart Home Solution.