Store, Save, & Earn Money with Solar, Battery Storage & Demand Response.

Our energy generation, usage and battery storage solutions enable property owners to monetize assets, strengthen the power grid and create positive change internally, locally and around the globe.

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Take Control of your Power. Commercial & Residential Smart Batteries Make Sense in Many Ways.  

An Energy Storage System (ESS) can offset High peak energy costs or demand charges which can account for 30 to 70 percent of the total charges on a monthly electric bill.  Cut your utility bill in half or more by automatically charging batteries when the cost of energy is the lowest and then using the battery during high-cost Peak Demand charge hours.

Scale to Fit Your Needs.

Our Industry-Leading performance batteries deliver dependable backup power and up to 50% or more cost-saving for your property, Large or small. Energyintel will help you determine the configuration that best fits your needs.
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Residential Iot solutions

Battery Benefits:

Quickest setup with pluggable modules structure
24/7 energy resiliency & self-sufficiency provider
Direct generator connection in emergencies
Authentic off-grid utility-grade backup power with full-rated 12.5kW output power
120/240 spilt phase but also accommodates 115/230
Profit-maker in Time of Use (ToU) arbitrage /  Demand Response Participation (DRP)

Add Solar Generation to Battery Storage and Save a whole lot more.

The perfect amount of solar power generation can turbocharge your backup power storage and create exponential cost savings for both large commercial and small residential properties. Energyintel will help you determine the configuration that best fits your needs.

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Add EV Charging to the Mix and Another Level of Bonuses.

Our top-rated EV chargers crush the competition with cleaner, faster, and cheaper charging. Add charging stations to your residential or commercial buildings to generate new revenue and attract environmentally conscious tenants. Learn More >

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Fund your stations with state incentives!
Up to $7,500 per L2 Charger  |  100% of project costs.
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Need Help deciding what’s right for you?

Whether for your home, business, or commercial property, Ei has the right solution for you. Want to determine how much you can save or earn with our Smart Solar, Battery Storage, EV charging stations and Demand Response Programs? Schedule your complimentary consultation.