Supercharge Your EV with the #1 Top Rated Charging Station in the World.

JuiceBox solutions are cleaner, more affordable, and up to 9x faster than the competition.  Discover the commercial and residential advantages with Energyintel.

ev charger , Iot solutions

Charge faster. Charge cleaner. Charge like a pro.

Save time & money with JuiceBox chargers. JuiceBox, our best-selling smart charging station, delivers high performance, flexibility and value to thousands of EV drivers across the world. Juicenet’s smart charging solutions employ advanced algorithms and controls to make your EV charging greener and cheaper. Get plugged into the future of sustainable charging. Get it for as little as $69 after utility incentives available in many locations.

JuiceNet Green.  Charge your electric car with the cleanest energy on the grid.

JuiceNet Green helps you charge cleaner by moving your EV charging to times when solar and wind power are at maximum production and fossil-fuel power sources are at a minimum. It’s available as an optional software add-on to any residential JuiceBox or JuiceNet-enabled EV charging station.
Residential Iot solutions
Residential Iot solutions


Charging Your Electric Vehicle at Home has Never Been Easier.

ev charger

Up to 9x Faster Charge

With 240-volt Level 2 charging, spend less time waiting for your electric vehicle battery to charge and more time enjoying the drive

Easy to Use and Install

Quick-release mounting bracket and integrated cable management make set up and daily charging a breeze

Intelligent WiFi Control

Control and monitor your electric charging via smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home

Convenient and Stylish Design

Dynamic LEDs show charging status

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Energyintel Iot solutions

JuicePump 50
kW DC Fast

EV Charging - Level 3
(DC Fast Charging)
Attract new customers or tenants by offering high-speed EV battery fast charging.
Leverage Incentives to install fast EV charging at low or zero cost, and reduce operating costs with our smart charging platform.
Save on delivery and installation costs with compact and lightweight design.
Generate charging revenue with credit card or mobile app payments.
Invest in a DC fast charging package that lasts and earns with durable UVE-resistant exterior and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Whether for your home or business Ei chargers are the best on the market. Want to determine how much you can save or earn from EV charging Stations? Let us help determine the perfect solution for you.