The Smart Circuit Breaker is here. Leviton's Next Generation, Internet Connected Load Center

Sends users real-time Energy Monitoring Data and customizable alerts to their smart devices.

View Energy Consumption Data for all circuits in your home.

Next generation Leviton Load Center, an internet-connected system that sends users real time monitoring data and customizable alerts to their smart devices. Debuting at the 2019 NAHB International Builders' Show® in Las Vegas, the enhanced Leviton Load Center with intelligent circuit breakers gives contractors, builders and homeowners a smarter and safer solution.

The My Leviton app gives homeowners the ability to manage their home’s energy usage and monitor the Leviton Smart Load Center through their smartphones, tablets or desktops. Within the My Leviton app, homeowners can:

  • Monitor electricity usage per branch circuit breaker
  • Review their home dashboard to see system status
  • Analyze graphs around ‘cost’ and ‘energy consumption’ to better monitor their energy use for each circuit and track their electricity bill
  • Receive alerts if a critical circuit has tripped, or if a particular appliance has been left ON (like an oven) or, conversely, is not drawing power (like a refrigerator)
  • Remotely turn off a branch circuit breaker to shed loads.

The My Leviton app also helps ensure that the Leviton Load Center’s smart circuit breakers are always functioning with the latest firmware.

Additionally, the My Leviton app platform offers users the ability to add on more Energyintel Certified Smart Wi-Fi devices once installed in the home – allowing them to set schedules, create activities and take advantage of voice control through our Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant partners for these devices to maximize efficiencies and energy waste and save money on your utility bill.

All the circuit data will be shared in real time to the homeowner's smart device, giving them even more control over their energy consumption, alerting them of trips and easing the diagnostic process for contractors.

"No other circuit breaker provides this level of protection."

In addition to smarter technology, safety is always at the forefront of Leviton's thinking. Leviton offers the only circuit breakers with patented GFCI lockout technology that exceeds existing UL safety standards. No other circuit breaker provides this level of protection.

"The Leviton Load Center has already revolutionized residential power distribution, but our next generation model adds immense value to today's homebuyers, electrical contractors and builders," said Justin Berghoff, director of business development and product management at Leviton. "By focusing on the end-user experience, we advanced the Leviton Load Center with intelligent capabilities and improved safety features that will make it a welcome addition to any home."

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The Leviton Smart Circuit Break is an Ei Certified Smart Product and solid point solution that will save you money and provide you with a new kind of convenience and control to build upon. That said, if you combine the Leviton Load Center with other Energyintel Smart home technologies, you can save up to 50% or more on your utility bill.  Our Custom AI-driven, Smart IoT multi-tech Energy optimization solutions provide our customers with combined technologies to eliminate waste, optimize operational efficiencies, shave inflated utility company demand costs for all property-wide energy-consuming devices and enhance the modern living experience. In addition, with Energyintel's Smart Solar and battery packages, you can move towards totally eliminating your energy bill and work towards creating an energy-independent net-zero carbon emission home.

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